Advancing into university education

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It has been quite a long while ever since I have posted an update on this blog, so it time that I provide some information about certain changes that are coming up ahead for this blog and my life in general.

University studies

My home faculty is the NUS School of Computing.
My home faculty is the NUS School of Computing.

As this post title suggests, I will be gearing up to enrolling in university education in the coming few weeks. I have been accepted into the National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing. The course I will be studying is the Business Administration & Computer Science double degree programme and I will be starting my university studies in Semester 1, AY 2018/19.

To provide more context, majority of undergraduates in NUS take up a single degree. That is, you will be studying a single course and graduate with a single degree scroll certifying that you have studied that course in NUS. However, for my case, a double degree programme allows you to graduate with two degree scrolls certifying that you have studied two different courses in NUS, as if you took the two course individually. It would thus have taken you 7 to 8 years to graduate with two degrees as compared to the 5 years that a double degree student would have taken.

I was not expecting to be granted a place in this double degree programme. While my results were somewhat decent (is 86.25 rp considered decent?), it was one that barely allowed me to enter my home course in Information Systems, let alone this double degree programme. It is understandable why the double degree programme is hard to get in, as only about 10% of undergraduates are under this programme, and your workload will be slightly higher compared to your peers taking a single degree programme (especially if you wish to sign up for additional programmes such as the Student Exchange Programme, SEP). Also, with lesser number of level 1000 modules (a.k.a foundation modules) to take up during the course of your studies, it is easy to understand why being a double degree student would be stressful.

Nonetheless, I got myself into this trouble, so let me make the best out of it then.

As you would have noticed by now, this blog is now live under a different URL. The motivation behind this change was due to my successful acquisition of this domain name under the GitHub Student Developer Pack. If you are currently a student, you should sign up for this pack as it provides many freebies that you may find useful during the course of your studies.

Also, as I embark on my journey into university studies, this blog will see more frequent updates about my time in NUS (and hopefully provide you with more insights as to what to expect when you enter NUS as a freshman). It may also contain things that I have learnt from both my courses in Information Systems and Business Administration.

Be sure to bookmark this blog and follow me in my journey in NUS!